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Health status BMI range
under weight <18.5
normal weight 18.5- 23
over weight 23 - 25
obese >25

  BMI Notation Chart

  Age Group




  Extremely Obese

  under 17





  under 35





  35 and over





BMI values below 19 for men and 18 for women indicate an underweight condition.

  Calorie Table


  Approximate Calories Burned

  Walking (brisk)

  100 calories burned per mile


  120 calories burned per mile


  100 calories burned in 20 minutes

  Bicycling (easy pace)

  100 calories burned in 20 minutes

  Aerobic exercise to music

  100 calories burned in 20 minutes

  Gardening (vigorous)

  100 calories burned in 30 minutes


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